Entering funding or financing

Upmetrics offers several options for forecasting funding for your business: loans, owner's contribution, common stock, preferred stock, and lines of credit. The one you choose will depend on whether you need to pay the money back.
If you already know the terms of your loans or lines of credit, Upmetrics will automatically calculate your payments and include them in the forecast. For investments(i.e. owner's contribution, common stock, preferred stock), you have the option to create Dividend/distribution entries if you want to represent future payouts to your investors.
Not sure yet where the money is going to come from? That's fine too. Just choose the Add Other Loan type, then enter the amounts you need and a rough guess at the payback details. You can always update the forecast later as you obtain funding.
The Funding page is also useful for adding the funds you'll use to pay for major asset purchases, such as a vehicle loan or capital improvement investment.

Click the links below for instructions on the various types of financing entries: