Forecasting unit sales revenue streams

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If you want to enter the number of units you expect to sell, along with the price for each, choose the  Unit sales revenue stream model, and Upmetrics will calculate the totals automatically.

Keep in mind that how you define a 'unit' depends on what you sell. If you offer selling products, widgets, just enter the quantity of those widgets (shirts or computers or whatever) you think you'll sell. Do what makes sense for your business.

For other offerings, you might want to use 'units' to mean consulting engagements, collecting service fees, service charges or fixed-price contracts or pallets of low-value materials, We recommend you to go for Entering service charges revenue streams

Adding a unit sales revenue stream:


In your financial forecasting tool, Navigate to revenue tab and click on Add Revenue Group button:


In the overlay that appears, Enter Revenue Stream title and click on Save & Next button :


Upmetrics gives you four ways to forecast revenue streams. You'll choose the type Unit Sales when you set up a revenue stream by clicking the appropriate radio button.


Unites: Enter the number of units of this product you think you'll sell. This can be either a constant amount per month or year, or varying amounts.

If you chose  Constant amount, enter the number of units you forecast for each day, month, quarter or year:

Estimate and enter what will be the percentage change happen in Units over time.

Inventory Tracking: Sometime, A product based business needs to keep track of inventory. For Example, A furniture manufacturer must purchase raw materials to make its products. Then the finished products are held as inventory until they're sold to customers. In those scenarios please enable inventory tracking, Learn more about Adding and managing inventory for product based Revenue Streams.

If you chose Varying amounts over time, enter the number of units you forecast to sell in any months you prefer. Then click Next:


Price: Enter the amount you will charge for each unit of this product. You can enter a constant price, or varying prices over time:

Enter sales tax rate applied. Upmetrics will calculate your taxes and add them to the forecast automatically.


Refund: Unexpected product returns risks involved with businesses who provides refund to their customers on product returns, Let's enter how much refund rate do you estimate over revenue regenerated by Revenue Stream :


Start Date:  Indicate when the revenue for this unit sales stream will begin. Click Save:

Editing or deleting a revenue stream:

To edit an existing revenue stream:


In the Revenue groups, click on the grid icon of the revenue stream you'd like to edit:


In the overlay that will appears, To start editing the revenue stream, Click on edit button:


In the wizard that will appears, You can click on any of the steps across the top that you wish to edit:


Make your desired changes, and click Next button to review each steps and then click on Save button.

To delete a revenue stream:


In the Revenue groups, click on the trash button on the revenue stream you'd like to delete:


Click Yes to confirm action:

Where does this entry appear in the financial statements?

Your revenue streams will be used to calculate the highlighted lines the Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow table shown below:

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