Downloading your business plan as a word document

Your business plan can be downloaded as a Word document (Docx), which is useful if you want to save it locally, email it to others, or print it to any printer. We provide general instructions below.

Note: If you are using an iPad or other mobile device, you may not be able to download a Word document directly to it. Instead, use a desktop or laptop to download your plan.

Downloading your plan to Word Document:


In your business plan tool, Click on Download tab:


Preview your business plan and click on the  Download Business Plan button located at bottom-right corner of the page:


In a download Plan Download & Share dialog after setting up appropriate download options click on Download as Doc button.


In the overlay that appears, you'll see the download in progress. Wait to complete all three document downloading steps. 


After successful completion, The Doc file will be downloaded automatically. Check your download directory to open a file.