Changing Your Upmetrics Subscription Plan

Growing your business means needing more from the tools you use. When your business needs change, it’s important that your tools keep up.

Upgrading your Upmetrics subscription could be the key to unlocking new possibilities and efficiencies for your venture.

In this article, we'll explore why you might consider upgrading your plan and guide you through the steps to do so in a manner that's both simple and professional.

In this article

  • Steps to Change Your Subscription Plan
  • Reasons to Upgrade Your Subscription Plan
  • Steps to Change Your Upmetrics Subscription Plan:

    Log into your Upmetrics account and Navigate to the Subscription section.

    Click on the Change Plan option and Take some time to review the features, benefits, and pricing of each plan available and choose the most suitable option.
    Once you've decided which plan best fits your needs, click on the “Subscribe” option next to the desired plan.

    NOTE: If you choose a monthly plan, you'll be billed each month. Opting for a yearly plan means you'll pay for the whole year upfront.

    You'll be prompted to review your new plan choice and the changes to your subscription, including any difference in cost.

    If your new plan requires additional payment, you'll be directed to update your payment and click on Proceed to Checkout to complete the payment.

    After the upgrade is complete, you'll have immediate access to your new features and benefits.

    Reasons to Upgrade Your Subscription Plan

    • Enhancing Efficiency: An upgraded subscription often offers more integrations and tools that streamline business planning processes. Access to these can save you time and effort, making your planning phase more efficient.
    • More Professional Features: Maybe you’re ready to dive into deeper market analysis or need more sophisticated financial forecasting tools. Upgrading can unlock these professional-grade features, giving your business an edge.
    • Team Collaboration Needs a Boost: Your team has grown, and so has the complexity of your projects. Upgraded plans often include better collaboration tools, making it easier for everyone to stay on the same page.
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