How to Put Subscription On Hold?

Sometimes, Users want to take a break from their ongoing commitments, including the meticulous task of business planning.

Recognizing this need for flexibility, Upmetrics offers a thoughtful solution with its "Put your subscription on hold" feature. It's a testament to Upmetrics' commitment to adapting to users' changing needs, providing the freedom to pause and resume planning as life dictates.

In this article

  • Steps to Put Your Account on Hold
  • Reasons to Pause Subscription
  • Why Consider Putting Your Subscription On Hold?
  • Pricing of put your subscription on hold:

    At only $2.99 a month, you can pause your subscription and keep all your business plans and data safe and sound until you're ready to come back.

    NOTE: When you put your Upmetrics subscription on hold, please be aware that you will not have the ability to add or edit content within your business plan and other modules like Finance Forecasting and Pitch Deck during this period.

    Steps to Put Your Account on Hold:

    Log into your Upmetrics account and go to your account’s Subscription settings.

    Find the on your Subscription section and click on the Cancel Subscription option.
    After that, Click on Put Account On Hold.
    Click on Proceed To Checkout.

    NOTE: Your subscription must be active to put your account on hold. If your account is canceled, reactivate it with your preferred plan (Monthly/Yearly) before placing it on hold.

    Reasons to Pause Subscription:

    • Seasonal Business Needs: Some businesses don't operate all year round and pause their subscriptions during off-peak periods to save costs.
    • Financial Management: Startups and small businesses with high budgets may temporarily suspend their subscriptions to allocate resources elsewhere.
    • Life Events: Personal commitments or significant life events can lead users to put their subscriptions on hold, ensuring they can return without losing progress.
    • Market Uncertainty: Customers pause during economic downturns or market volatility, waiting for a more stable environment to resume planning.
    • Project-based Work: Freelancers or companies working on a project basis may pause subscriptions between projects to avoid unnecessary expenses.

    Why Consider Putting Your Subscription on Hold?

    • Cost Efficiency:Save on subscription costs while you're not actively using the platform.
    • Data Preservation:Have peace of mind knowing your data remains intact, safe, and secure, ready for when you return.
    • Flexibility:Adapt to your business's changing needs without losing access to your work.
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