How to Reactivating your Upmetrics Subscription?

If you've paused your use of Upmetrics or If your subscription has lapsed for any reason and are looking to jump back in, reactivating your subscription is the first step towards accessing robust business planning and analysis tools once more.

You can reactivate your account in just a few steps, and then it's straight back to focusing on your business plan again.

Here, we'll guide you through the process of reactivating your subscription, helping you swiftly resume the creation and optimization of your business plans.

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  • Steps to Reactivate Upmetrics Subscription
  • Factors for Reactivating Account
  • Steps to Reactivate Your Upmetrics Subscription:

    Logging into your Upmetrics account. Use the password recovery option if necessary:
    Access the subscription section. This area will show your current subscription status and reactivation options.

    Look for the “Reactivate Subscription” option within your account or Review the available subscription plans and select the one that fits your needs for features, access, and support.

    NOTE: The "Reactivate Subscription" option appears only for the last subscription plan you were subscribed to. If your account was previously subscribed to a monthly plan, it will reactivate with the same plan. The same applies if you were subscribed to a yearly plan.

    Your account will immediately return to active status, and you'll be charged for the current period.

    Factors for Reactivating Your Account:

    Your decision to reactivate your Upmetrics subscription could be driven by various factors, including but not limited to:

    • If Your Account is Cancelled: Whether due to billing issues, a decision to explore other options or another reason, a canceled account means you've lost access to Upmetrics' features. Reactivation reopens the door to these resources.
    • If Your Account is on Pause: You may have chosen to pause your subscription temporarily, either to take a break or reassess your business planning needs. Reactivating from a pause status allows you to pick up right where you left off without missing a beat. 
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