Create Your Own Customized Business Plan Template

Given the rapidly evolving nature of today's business environment, Business Consultants, Advisors, and incubators are perpetually in search of strategies to modify business plan templates, ensuring they cater precisely to the needs of clients or students.

Upmetrics’ 'Professional Plan' is here to revolutionize how business consultants, incubators, and accelerators support their clients. It offers the ability to customize these tools in the form of business plan templates that you can tailor and share, empowering you to better serve your entrepreneurial clients.

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  • This guide will take you through how to create your own customized Business Template, step by step.

    NOTE: This feature is exclusively available to users with a Professional Plan only.

    Steps to Create Your Own Business Plan Template:

    "Professional Plan" subscribers can utilize the option "Use this workspace as a template" to create customized business templates while adding a new workspace.
    Ensure the Use this workspace as a template box is checked, then click Create Workspace to proceed to the next step.

    After setting up your workspace, you'll be directed to the template selection page. You'll be presented with 5 options:

    • Generate with AI
    • Using Sample Template
    • Import Document
    • Start from Scratch
    • Copy from an Existing Workspace

    Choose the option that best suits your needs, and Also, You can select an existing template that you can modify according to your specific requirements.

    In the outline section of your template, you have the freedom to create a customized structure for your business plan.

    Start by laying out the main chapters ensuring each chapter aligns with the specific aspects of your business you wish to highlight. This step is crucial for establishing a clear and logical flow of information throughout your plan.

    When developing your custom outline, utilize sections, texts, and subsections to organize your chapter content. These elements can be easily added and arranged using the drag-and-drop feature for optimal structure.

    By accessing the "Guide Sections" area, you can select the "Write Help" option, which is specifically designed to facilitate the addition of chapter-level instructions.

    Utilizing the platform's drag-and-drop feature, you can precisely place these instructions within each chapter, ensuring that users have clear, accessible guidance on how to approach and complete each section of their business plan.

    Adding section-level instructions offers more detailed guidance, helping users understand exactly what information is required in each part of the chapter.

    By clicking on the  ?  icon, you're able to include Help Tips and Example Text within each chapter, providing valuable context and examples.

    After finalizing your template, you can publish by navigating through your account to,

    Workspace Settings > Settings >  Manage Template Publish Settings  

    A popup will appear, Enter all required information in the popup, click on "Enable Access" to allow access to this template to your invited Account Member, and then click “Publish Template” to complete the process.

    Click here to view our detailed help guide, which will assist you in publishing your custom business plan template.


    After publishing, find the template listed in the "Sample Plan" section within "Shared Templates," available to all invited Account Members.

    The ability to create and publish a customized business plan template with Upmetrics not only simplifies your strategic planning but also brings your unique vision to life. These steps facilitate a tailored approach, reflecting Upmetrics' commitment to adaptability and user empowerment in business planning.

    General FAQs

    Q1. Can I create my own custom business plan template on Upmetrics?

    Ans. Yes! Upmetrics allows you to design your own customized business plan templates. You can tailor a template to your specific needs and share it with others, enabling them to leverage your template to create their own detailed business plans. Please note, this feature is exclusively available with the Professional plan.

    Q2. What benefits do I get with the Professional Plan?

    Ans. The Professional Plan offers enhanced features tailored for business consultants, incubators, and accelerators. It allows you to create, customize, and share business plan templates, and manage multiple clients.

    Q3. Can I change my current subscription plan to the Professional Plan?

    Ans. Yes, you can upgrade your current subscription to the Professional Plan directly from the subscription section of your account. For detailed instructions on how to change your subscription plan, Click here. This link will guide you through the steps necessary to make the switch, ensuring you can start utilizing the additional features and benefits of the Professional Plan right away.

    Q4. Can I modify existing templates in Upmetrics?

    Ans. Yes, you can select an existing template and modify it to meet specific requirements.

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