Get Started: 4 Steps to Your Successful Planning

Follow these 4 steps and you’ll get your Upmetrics account up and running in no time. If you'd like to get a full tour of Upmetrics and all its features, check out a features page. By the end of step 3: You’ll be up and ready to start sharing your business plan with colleagues and investors.

The 4 Steps to set up success

  1. Create a workspace and invite your team
  2. Choose a business plan template
  3. Start writing a business plan with your team
  4. What’s up, Business Plan?

Complete Business Planning at a Glance!

Take 10-20 minutes on each step to get set up in a day, or be an overachiever and knock through all of them in a couple of hours.

Step 1. Create a workspace and invite your team

First things first, let’s get your planning workspace into Upmetrics 
  • Upmetrics workspace is the container that holds all the planning tools like business plan builder, financial planning tool, business model canvases, and pitch builder.
  • Workspace helps to organize your work, you can invite your colleagues/contributors to join any specific workspace. If you plan on using Upmetrics for your multiple businesses, we'd recommend you create a separate workspace for each business.

Step 2. Choose a business plan template

After creating your workspace, Let's move on to setting up your business plan.

Select a business plan template: 

  • Upmetrics provides a set of professionally written business plan templates and business plan examples. Select any that is most suitable to your niche or industry. 
  • The business plan template/Business plan example guides you to step-by-step writing your business plan easily.
You have plenty of time to play and explore the rest of the template later! 

Step 3. Start writing a business plan with your team

You choose a business plan template or you went with an empty business plan, This step is all about inviting a friend, colleague, or trusted teammate to help you test and work through conversations together. Upmetrics provides a real-time editing experience with your colleagues building your business plan. 

Here’s some stuff to try:

  • Customize your branding and design cover page.
  • Add a new Chapter.
  • Drag and drop a business plan section.

Step 4. What’s up, Business Plan?

This step is all about previewing, Downloading and sharing your business plan to collect feedback from colleagues or to get funding from investors. 

Here’s some stuff to try:

  • Preview a business plan to see how stunning it looks.
  • Download and share your business plan, There are options to select which chapters can be included in your exports. You can also set preferences for who can see your business plan online. 

But wait ... there’s more!

Once you’ve got these steps under control, there’s plenty more to explore in Upmetrics. Set up a Financial Planning tool to build your budget plan, Use Pitch Deck Builder to write your investor-ready pitch.