How To Setting Up Financial Forecasts?

Explore the Upmetrics financial planning section for an in-depth look at initiating and configuring your financial forecasts on Upmetrics. Here, you'll find resources on getting started with your financial planning and forecasts, as well as detailed steps for setting up your forecasting plan.

You don't need to have mastery in accounting and financing, Remember, forecasting is not about being 100% accurate. The job of a forecast is to help you visualize the potential needs of your new business ahead of time, so you can make sure you'll have adequate financial resources in place. Every business owner is qualified to forecast revenue — all you need is common sense, the ability to research the factors, and the motivation to make an educated guess.

All you need to do here is just let us know what would be the start month of the fiscal year, plan start date, and length of your financial plan.

TIP: All these assumptions (i.e. start month of the fiscal year, plan start date, and length of your financial plan) are one-time settings, Upmetrics won't let you change these parameters in the future. To configure your plan accordingly.

Steps To Set Up Financial Forecasts:


After creating your workspace, Click on Finance Forecasting tool to initiate and complete setup:


Enter the Start month of the fiscal year, plan start date, and duration of your financial plan, and click on the Complete Setup option.


After setting up your plan, Learn more about preparing a forecast by entering revenue(Sales), expenses, personnel, funding, assets, dividends, and taxes. 

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