Using the Upmetrics business plan templates

Upmetrics provides an interactive business plan editor with drag and drops elements from the content sidebar. There are three ways you can initialize and get started using the editor as follow: 

Using business plan template

Writing a business plan can sometimes seem overwhelming. To make the process easier and more manageable, We have built some generic business plan templates. We have polished every step of our business plan template, Writing a business plan gives you an opportunity to carefully think through every step of starting your company so you can better prepare and handle any challenges. 

Check out Upmetrics' list of business plan templates and find out the most suitable templates for your business, From there you can import any business plan template into a business plan editor. 

After importing a template let's start writing a business plan by taking help from guidance placed at the top of each section. It's very easy to customize the Upmetrics template - you can add, remove, or re-order any section in the default outline, and even add your own custom content by dragging it from the content sidebar and drop it into your chapters.

Using business plan sample

To see how other, similar businesses have approached their business plans, you may want to use the library of sample business plans within Upmetrics. Seeing how other entrepreneurs in your industry have expressed their business ideas can really help inspire you in describing your own business.

Tip:  We also publish industry guides for popular industries. These contain a lot of helpful details on starting companies in those industries. 

We offer these sample plans as templates to use as a starting point for your own editing.

Using an empty business plan

Sometimes you don't want to use any business plan template or sample business plans. You may want to start it from scratch. It could be possible that existing outlines don't fit your need. If you're not sure and want to use an empty business plan, don't worry too much about it. Just start by creating your own outline. As you do, you may think of other details to add that would help describe the company you're starting. You can add these to your plan at any time.

Keep in mind that the basic information in most business plans is quite similar. You'll need to explain how your company is solving a problem and who your target market is. You'll need to explain how you'll be distinct from your competitors. You'll need to build a forecast. All of that is the same in any industry.