Writing your own business plan template

We already explained how to use the upmetrics business plan templates to write your business plan. You may want to create your own business plan template or sample business plan and share it with your team to let them use your own template. 

Writing your own template is fun with upmetrics business plan builder. Follow these simple steps to write your own business plan template or your own customized guide for your team:

To create your business plan template:


Create a new workspace with the option enabled for Use this workspace as a template:

Note: This option is the only visible to some specific premium accounts for which we have enabled creating template feature. 


Follow the guide to setting up a new workspace.


After creating a new workspace, Complete the business plan setup. In this wizard, you may go with an empty business plan or any existing business plan template however you want.


Confirm the business plan template and click on next to complete the setup.


Create a new chapter and start writing guides for your template.