Entering an investment: Owner's Contribution, Common Stock or Preferred Stock

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Equity investments are cash you receive in exchange for partial ownership of the company. There is no debt involved and no obligation to pay anything back. These investments will show up in the equity section of the balance sheet as  Equity.

Note: If you have a convertible debt arrangement with an investor, that's entered differently. See Entering convertible debt.

Adding an investment:

Use this method for loans you'll place anytime after the start date of your forecast/plan.


Under the working capital tab of financial forecasting tool, Click on the Funding tab, and then click Add Funding Button:


Enter a name for the investment, and select funding type as Investment (i.e. Owner's contribution, Common Stock or Proffered Stock):


Choose whether this will be a one-time investment, a constant repeating amount, or varying amounts over time:

  • If you choose One-time amount, indicate how much the investment will be and when you'll receive it:

  • If you choose Constant amount, indicate how much you'll receive per month/year and when the investment will start:

  • If you choose Varying amount, indicate how much you will receive and in which months/years:


Click Save & Close

Where does this entry appear in the financial statements?

An Investment will not appear in the Profit and Loss. In the Balance Sheet, it appears as under the Equity and the value carries forward from the date you receive the investment:

In the Cash Flow, the investment appears under a Net Cash from Financing, with a positive cash value in any months where you received money: