Customizing and editing the cover page

Want to make a great first impression on your readers? The cover page plays an important role. Dress up your document with a nice-looking cover page. Upmetrics provides a list of different cover page themes or designs you can choose any among them. Learn more about How to Design a Cover Page for a Business Plan.

Before you download your plan, the cover page doesn't include all your business information. That's because we need to gather more information before preparing the cover page. But it's easy to add a cover page whenever you are ready.

By popular demand, we have added an option to customize the color and theme of your cover page. 


Below the Business Plan tool, click on Cover tab:


Choose a cover page theme from list of cover designs in left sidebar, Click on cover thumb to select any theme as shown below:


Customize cover page content, Update cover page information like Business Logo, Name, Tagline, Plan year, Contact information, and legal notice. You can also hide and show any particular information from the right sidebar.