Changing your upmetrics subscription plan

Note: While downgrading your plan, You may have to delete from some existing workspaces, When you have reached numbers of workspaces more than that defined in your new plan.

To switching from Monthly to Yearly and vice versa:

This is to let you know that our annual subscription saves you 40% on your monthly payments - a discount you'll access by paying for the year in one payment. 

If you have a monthly subscription to Upmetrics and want to change it to an annual one, you may be able to do that from the subscription page.


Go to the subscription page by clicking subscription in the sidebar navigation.


To switch to an annual plans click on  Pay Annually button and select from list of annual plans.


On the annual tab select a suitable annual plan and click on Subscribe button. to move on to the payment page.


On the payment page, Confirm your order and click on Proceed to Checkout to complete the payment wizard to change your plan.

Note: If you make this change during a billing month, then the remaining charge from your current month (prorated to the current date) will be deducted from the annual fee.

To switch from one plan to another.


Go to the subscription page by clicking  subscription in the sidebar navigation.


To change your plan, select a plan other than your current action plan and click on Subscribe button to proceed to the payment page as described in the above section, and follow the further payment steps.