Adding collaborators and viewers to your workspace

Upmetrics built for teams:

Adding a team members to your workspace

Contributors can access and edit anything in a workspace except invite new members and update any settings on workspace settings page. The number of contributors is limited by your user limit — the number of users allowed by your subscription. To see your user limit, click the  Subscription from sidebar. 

To invite a member:

Go to the workspace settings page, Click on Invite button.

To Invite a team member, Enter the contributor’s email address. 

Assign permissions to the member

Permissions controls what can be accessible by team members. For Example: you can assign write permission to your business plan contributor and read permission to business plan viewers. A contributors can helps to write your business plan and you can gather feedback from viewers. You can assign permissions while inviting a member, You can also update preferences later as well. 

Click Add Member button to invite a member in your workspace. The team member will receive an email invitation containing a link to your Upmetrics account. If the member has already an account with Upmetrics, your workspace will be shown along with his own list of workspaces. Follow the above both the steps to add more members into your workspace.

Removing a member from your workspace

When you remove a team member from your Upmetrics account, any changes that person has made to your workspace content will be retained, but the user will no longer be able to view or change the workspace content.

To remove a member:

Go to the workspace settings page, Scroll to the workspace members section. Checkout to see which member you would like to remove and click on remove member button.

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