Adding an additional workspace, business plan or pitch

In Upmetrics, a  Workspace is a container that holds all of these business planning tools:

  • Pitch
  • Plan
  • Financial/Budgeting plan
  • Business Model Canvases

Each time you create a new business plan or Pitch in Upmetrics, you are creating a new workspace. Creating multiple workspaces gives you the flexibility to plan for multiple business ideas or test several feasibility scenarios for the same idea. You can easily switch between workspace in your account using the Sidebar menu.

Tip: If you are already at your workspace limit, and you want to upgrade to a higher limit, just change your subscription plan. Subscribe to a higher limit plan. 

Adding another workspace

  • If you reached your workspace limit, We would recommend you delete any from your existing workspace.
  • Once you have deleted your existing workspace, you'll see that you now have space available to create a new workspace.
  • Move your cursor to the sidebar and click on Create Workspace Button.

Now, Follow the steps for setting up a new workspace. For more details, read Setting up a new workspace.