Setting up a new workspace

The 3 steps to create and setting up a new workspace: 

Tip: If you are already at your workspace limit, and you want to upgrade to a higher limit, just change your subscription plan. Subscribe to higher limit plan. 

Getting started

If you've just created a Upmetrics account, you'll automatically be taken to the page where you can Explore sample business plan templates or Try access into our demo workspace. On Explore business plan templates page you can create a new workspace by selecting your desired business plan template. Click on 'Use Template' button to move on creating new workspace.

Select business plan template

If you have an existing account and want to add another workspace, move on workspaces page and then click the  Create New Workspace button:

Create new workspace

Step 1: Enter a workspace name

Be sure to give each workspace unique and meaningful name (between 2 and 60 characters long). Upmetrics allows you to have more than one workspace with the same name, but this isn't recommended.

he name you enter will appear on your Pitch and at the top of each page of your business plan document. It will also help you distinguish this business from the others in your account:

For each workspace in your Upmetrics account, you can have separate business logo. also you can designate the currency symbol you want to use.

Note: This setting only changes the currency symbol; it does not perform currency conversions. The numbers you enter will remain the same regardless of the currency symbol you choose here. Once you've created your workspace, you can change the currency setting again on edit workspace page.

Step 3: Invite your colleague and friends to join your workspace

Upmetrics designed to work with your team. Contributors can access and edit anything in an account based on the permission your assign. The limit numbers of team members you can add into your workspace depends on your subscription.

There you go!

After creating your new workspace by completing all of above steps, Lets decide which planning tools you would like to go with first. Each planing tool setup has a wizard to guide you step by step:

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